Kenny Hofstetter

I moved to Asheville, NC with my son and now married to the bestest person ever. I have 2 kids a son and a daughter. I have the most handsome, generous and loving husband ever. I love taking pictures, blogging about everyday life. Mainly just enjoying everyday with the most important people ever my sweetie and my kids.

Potato Onion Bin

So, hubby decided to make us a potato and onion bin for holding our potatoes and onions. He did a marvelous job on making it and the pictures he put on it.


My Little Christmas

This is my little Christmas at home with my hubby. We had a wonderful time. We enjoy being with each other. That is what makes Christmas so special just being with family and friends. Well, here are our Christmas pics. Charlie absolutely loved his Christmas gifts.

Christmas at my Folks

We had a Christmas at my folks again this year. We had a blast everyone had fun. They enjoyed their gifts and being with family. But, boy was it cold no snow of course but you had to bundle up. Here are some pics from our christmas family time.


Fun Facts

A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.