Kenny Hofstetter

I moved to Asheville, NC with my son and now married to the bestest person ever. I have 2 kids a son and a daughter. I have the most handsome, generous and loving husband ever. I love taking pictures, blogging about everyday life. Mainly just enjoying everyday with the most important people ever my sweetie and my kids.

Happy Valentines!!!

I want to say Happy Valentine’s to my one and only my hubby. Who is my best friend and husband all in one. I Love You for eternity sweetie.

Wood Crafts

Some of our wood crafts we have been working on.


Potato Onion Bin

So, hubby decided to make us a potato and onion bin for holding our potatoes and onions. He did a marvelous job on making it and the pictures he put on it.


Fun Facts

The average person can live 11 days without water.