Which of the four seasons do you like and why?

Which of the four seasons do you like and why? There are four seasons to choose. Please pick your favorite season. Tell me why you like it and what you like to do in that season. Spring I like the spring and fall. The spring brings pretty flowers and warmer weather. The blooms smell so good. You have Easter and Mother’s Day. Kids absolutely like Easter. That means candy and fun for them.You have pretty smells from lilacs, irises, lilies, […]

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Right Shoulder Hurt

So, i have injured my right shoulder. I pulled a muscle and aggravated some kind of cushion between joints from what he said. The pain is awful and i can not used my right arm too painful. So, he has had me resting the last few days trying to get it healed. I will be glad when it is better. It has had me in tears the last few days from the pain. The only thing i can do is […]

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