Right Shoulder Hurt

So, i have injured my right shoulder. I pulled a muscle and aggravated some kind of cushion between joints from what he said. The pain is awful and i can not used my right arm too painful. So, he has had me resting the last few days trying to get it healed. I will be glad when it is better. It has had me in tears the last few days from the pain. The only thing i can do is rest and not use my right arm until it heals. That is hard to do cause i am right handed but i am doing my best to not use it. I am hoping it will heal up soon.

Happy Valentines!!!

I want to say Happy Valentine’s to my one and only my hubby. Who is my best friend and husband all in one. I Love You for eternity sweetie.

Christmas Lighting of the Tunnel

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Me and hubby decided to go to the lighting of the Natural Tunnel at the Natural Tunnel State Park in Duffield, Va. We parked and they had shuttle buses to take you up the the lighting of the tunnel. We took the chairlift down to the tunnel. It was awesome riding the chairlift down they had light displays you could look at going down. Once there we walked across  real working train tracks to the platform to see the tunnel. We had hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows over a fire to keep warm some. The tunnel is beautiful pictures do not do justice to what me and my husband saw. We stay for a while looking around at the gorgeous views and enjoying the warmth of the fire. Then, back on the chairlift to go back up and get on the shuttle bus back to our car.


Fun Facts

The bulls-eye on a dartboard must be 5 feet 8 inches off the ground.