Offended By Merry Christmas!!

I will say Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays!! Most everyone has stopped saying Merry Christmas because they are afraid of offending someone. Boo fucking Hoo!! Get over it or get your blankie, pacifier and coloring book to color in and go sit in a corner somewhere. Everyone is running around saying “Don’t you offend me or That’s racism let me sue you.” There are way to many crybabies in the world today. It makes me sick as hell. There are way too many pussy hat wearing liberals acting fucking retarded.

Who I am and Why I Blog?

Why I blog is to share things i like. Sometimes, to get feedback on things. I want to share the things i find interesting with others.  I hope to connect with others with some similar interests.

My Birthday!!!!

I have had one amazing birthday today. My sweet, loving hubby took me to Longhorn Steakhouse for a birthday dinner. We had a Porterhouse steak with Caesar salad and a loaded baked potato and a strawberry lemonade for me and unsweetened tea for him. It was delicious the steak was so tender. Thanks sweetie for a wonderful birthday today.


Fun Facts

In 2005, Canada was the single-largest trading partner with the United States. China was second and Mexico was third.