Horror Madness Group

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Me and My Lovey!!!!

My bf came over to see me yesterday. We watched a comedy with Adam Sandler and Kevin James in it. It was hilarious the name was “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.” They are one of the best funny guys in comedy i think. I cooked supper for my bf and he enjoyed it. Then, went outside and talked and laughed and had a ball just being together. I really enjoy when i get to see him it makes my day.

My BF is Sick!!!!

I finally got to talk to my bf yesterday afternoon. He is sick and feeling drained. I told him to rest and get better. I feel bad when he sick and there is nothing i can do to help. Don’t you hate it when someone is sick and you can’t help them.

Fun Facts

If an Amish man has a beard, he is married.