Feeling Bad Today!!!!

Today, has been awful for me so far. I woke up with a bad sinus headache that was making me nausea and sick. But, i had a few things to do before i could lay down. So, i got Stephen his coffee for work, and walked out with him to the car so i could walk Charlie. I told him goodbye gave him a kiss and walk the dog for a few minutes for his business. I was told coffee helps so i tried that but it didn’t help. Then, i laid down on the couch and my headache moved down to the back of my head and i was more nausea then ever. I was on the verge of crying it hurt so bad. After laying down for a little while it didn’t help headache getting worse. I finally decided to take a pain pill and laid back down for a little while longer. Believe it or not my headache and nausea started going away i was so glad. I am finally feeling way better headache gone. I finally folded the clothes and started a pizza for lunch which he should be here shortly.. The sun is shining bright and it feels good outside when i stuck my head out the door a few minutes ago. I hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed day today and enjoy yourselves.