Hurt :(

Day before yesterday i was fixing lunch for when my guy came home to eat. I got the pans out ready and lined with foil sprayed them a little. Then, i got the nuggets put in one pan and put the tots in the other was putting what was left in the freezer. Turned around to get the pans to go in the oven and my foot went out from under me and i slipped and fell face down on the floor. Twisted my ankle some and landed on my side so i hurt my hip really bad and the lower part of my back. I called him and he came home and wrapped my ankle and got me propped up and he finished the food. He brought the food out and we ate together told me to stay on the couch with it propped the rest of the day. He went back to work. My hip and lower back is still hurting it has been a day since it happened. I sure hope it gets better soon. I have some bruises on my hip and lower back i just wish it would hurry up and heal. My hip hurts when i walk and when i sit down or lay on the couch i prop my leg up. Taking ibuprofen for the pain.  Just heal already.