Pain From Leg Cramping!!!!

I had the worse leg cramping pain last night. I was sitting at the desk and my calf on my left leg started cramping and pulsing. After a minute or two it got worse. I managed to get to my bed and it cramped pulsing non stop. I was crying and screaming from the pain. My husband got out of the bathroom and said what is wrong.  I manage to point to my calf screaming and he knew what was wrong.

He started rubbing and massaging the cramp but it would not leave. He finally got the cramp halfway stopped. He took off for the kitchen and got me two aspirins and a vitamin pill. I managed to swallow them.  He said i was mineral deficient. He got me to where i could barely walk to the bathroom he ran me an Epsom salts bath he helped me in to soak. He sat on floor beside  the tub and massaged my calf as it keep crapping on and off bad. My leg is doing better today not doing as much walking to make sure the cramp is gone