I Love Christmas!!!!

I just love Christmas. It is my favorite holiday of all. I love decorating the house with my family. I love spending time with my family. Decorating our house and playing the Christmas music. We dance around singing the songs and laugh until our stomach hurts. I love seeing the excitement in my kids faces trying to figure out what we got them under the tree. Gathering around on Christmas Eve and watching Christmas shows with the family. I love the classics like Frosty, Rudolph, Charlie Brown Christmas there is just soo many to name.

Of course, everyone gathering together for our Christmas dinner on Christmas Day. My kids getting up really early in the morning wanting to open their gifts and of course we do. Watching them rip open the wrapping paper to see what is inside. The look of happiness they have when they see the gift. They love it so much. Taking lots of pictures to remember the day forever.

I still have to wrap the gifts we have and make the goodies to bring . Well, at least i have still have two weeks to get everything ready.  Still have two more gifts to get. I am sure everyone will like everything. Definitely know the kiddos will like the little goodie bags.  Hope everyone has a good day.