Potato Onion Bin

potato bin onion drawer

Potato bin’s are a must have in any country home 🙂

Potato bin’s allow air to flow around the potatoes while keeping them in the dark. Being in the dark helps to prevent the eyes from sprouting. While the airflow aids in keeping the potatoes dry. Which protects them to some degree from rotting. Therefore your potato’s keep longer.  Ideally the bin should be in a cool dry part of the home like a walk in pantry or basement.

So, hubby decided to make us a potato bin for holding our potatoes and onions. I think he did a marvelous job of making it.

Hubby did some wood burning on the potato bin.  The picture that covers the lid is of a couch potato.  On the top is a  “Tators”  sign and just above the drawer that holds the onions is the word “Onions”.  Which has the O’s and “I” replaced with images of onion bulbs and greens.

The feet are fancy Mahogany sofa legs that were given to him by a friend.  While the rest of the bin is made from 2 wide pine boards we picked up at Lowes.

We lined the inside of the bin with some paper bags from the grocery store. So if we do end up with some bad tators it shouldn’t stain the wood.  The bin is finished with Boiled linseed oil.  Which in hindsight a wax or urethane finish would of have been better.  That would of made it easier to clean and we would not of had to of lined it with the paper bags.