Spooky Halloween Fun!!!

It is two days until Halloween and i am excited. What a real spooky night it will be. My and hubby are going to watch Halloween movies all day on Halloween with a couple of our favorite candy to munch on. Charlie Brown Halloween, Garfield Halloween , Nightmare Before Christmas are some of what we are going to watch. A very fun night for us. We are going to light our lanterns and turn the lights off to watch the specials.

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Happy Easter!!!!! :)

I want to send a very Happy Easter to everyone here that reads my blog.  Hope everyone is enjoying this day with friends and family.  Having a big dinner and getting full on the delicious desserts. The kids seeing their baskets of candy and toys and loving what the Easter Bunny brought them. But, most important is just being with the people you love the most today. Have a wonderful Easter to everyone out there.

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Easter is Coming!!!

It is almost time for Easter. I love dying Easter eggs and filling the basket for my kids. I dont buy a basket prefilled. I like putting stuff in the baskets that my kids like. They really enjoy seeing the baskets filled with the stuff they like. This year though it is only me and my fiance but we are going to make a basket  for each other to enjoy. Not the same without the kids here anymore.

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