Which of the four seasons do you like and why?

Which of the four seasons do you like and why? There are four seasons to choose. Please pick your favorite season. Tell me why you like it and what you like to do in that season. Spring I like the spring and fall. The spring brings pretty flowers and warmer weather. The blooms smell so good. You have Easter and Mother’s Day. Kids absolutely like Easter. That means candy and fun for them.You have pretty smells from lilacs, irises, lilies, […]

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We finally have spring i love this weather. The only thing i do not care for is the gusty winds we are having at night. But, i am loving wearing shorts and flip flops feeling the warmth of the sun during the day.  It just feels so nice when i go out for my walk with Charlie. I love seeing all the pretty flowers coming alive now. So many colors to see now.

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Easter is Coming!!!

It is almost time for Easter. I love dying Easter eggs and filling the basket for my kids. I dont buy a basket prefilled. I like putting stuff in the baskets that my kids like. They really enjoy seeing the baskets filled with the stuff they like. This year though it is only me and my fiance but we are going to make a basket  for each other to enjoy. Not the same without the kids here anymore.

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