Almost Christmas

It is almost Christmas and my favorite holiday of all. I absolutely love Christmas the lights, decorating the tree and the giving to people. This week me and my husband have a lot of getting stuff ready for Christmas to finish up. We have presents to wrap, presents to finish up making like homemade ornaments and wood burning. We have goodies to make including homemade peanut butter cups, gingerbread house, gingerbread cookies, fudge. All goodies for the kids at Christmas. Me and my husband are celebrating on Christmas Eve for ourselves. Then, we are going down home for Christmas day to celebrate with our families and friends. Then, the 26th day after Christmas celebrating my son’s birthday. I can’t believe it he will be 14 and boy has he grown he will be taller then me soon.


I love Christmas it is my favorite holiday of the year.I love making cookies and desserts. It is fun smelling all the delicious smells going through your house. We are making gingerbread cookies, peanut butter cups and caramel treats.  I love seeing all the lights, trees and love snow that usually comes in the winter. Me and my fiance are going to enjoy this holiday by visiting our family and friends this year. I can’t wait. I hope everyone has a very good Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Fun Facts

The first product to have a bar code was Wrigley's gum.