Daughter at Hospital


I’ve been having real bad stomach pains that make me cry for about 2 weeks now. She had to go to hospital for stomach pains.  They had me hooked up to an IV, they took some blood, they took a pee sample, they took x-rays of my chest and abdomen, they checked my blood pressure, they checked my temperature, they checked my oxygen, they have me some medicine that made me loopy and they also have me some other medicine I can’t remember the name. They said it could be a muscular problem. They told me to increase my fiber and if the pain doesn’t go away within a week, then I’ll need to go see Dr. Vinocur for a regular checkup to make sure everything’s okay.

One Heck of a Day!!!!

This afternoon i noticed my eye bleeding. I called my guy to see how much longer before he got home. So, when he got home we took my son to his grandparents to stay. He took me to the hospital to find out what was wrong. Just got back Stephen had to take me to the hospital. My eye was bleeding. They said it was a Conjunctival hemorrhage of right eye. Put some eye drops in the eye made sure their was no scratches. Told me to follow up with eye doctor if it doesn’t improve.

Fun Facts

The ship, the Queen Elizabeth 2, should always be written as QE2. QEII is the actual queen.