First day of 7th Grade!!!

first day of school

First day of school and my son had a few first times today. He is at a new school this year. He is nervous about being at a new school wondering how the people are and so forth. He also rode the bus for the first time ever. He was very nervous about that wondering how it was going to be riding a bus. I told him everything will be ok I rode a bus most of my school time. […]

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New School Year!!

It is almost time for school to start in a couple of weeks. My son will be in a new school this year. He is nervous not knowing anything about this school. But, i know he will make new friends and have fun but learn a lot of new things. I love this time of year. But, i will have to get used to getting up early for him to get ready for the bus this year. First time riding […]

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A New Change!!!!

Well, me and my boyfriend are in Asheville, NC. He is starting a new job and we are also looking for a place to rent. We are gonna move up here to live me, my boyfriend and son. I have always wanted to move from the small town i have lived in my whole life to a exciting new place. Well, now is my chance and im super excited about a new change that is happening now.

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