Sick Over Weekend

My sweet hubby got very sick last Thursday. He was out of work on Friday for being so sick he woke up with a fever. He was so pitiful looking but i took very good care of him this weekend. He is doing better but has a slight cough and he looks a lot better. Back to work today he went. I am just glad he feels so much better. ¬†You hate it when someone you love just so sick […]

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Feeling Bad Today!!!!

Today, has been awful for me so far. I woke up with a bad sinus headache that was making me nausea and sick. But, i had a few things to do before i could lay down. So, i got Stephen his coffee for work, and walked out with him to the car so i could walk Charlie. I told him goodbye gave him a kiss and walk the dog for a few minutes for his business. I was told coffee […]

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I have been sick all week so far. It sucks when you are sick you cant get anything done around the house. I have a stuffy, runny nose and cant breathe. I will be soo glad when i feel better. Being sick is awful.

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