Summer of 2017

Summer of 2017. Having a really good summer this year. My son is here with us this summer. We have took him to some new places to eat. He loves playing with his friends he has here. I am going to hate it when he comes back to stay with my parents the rest of the year. But, i am making this summer fun for him. We would also like to take him to the PlayStation that has open down […]

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Summertime with my kids!!

scenic overlook

Well, my it is time for my son and daughter to come up and spend the summer with me and my husband. So looking forward to it. Tonight. we will finish getting the room ready and making a stool. I really hope they have fun. We have a lot of things planned to do this summer with them. This Sunday we are going to take them for a drive on the blue ridge parkway. Making stops at the overlooks and […]

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