Nature Around Us!!!!

Here are a few of the nature pics i took. Some are of birds, sunrises, sun shining through trees, moon, objects and color changing leaves.


We finally have spring i love this weather. The only thing i do not care for is the gusty winds we are having at night. But, i am loving wearing shorts and flip flops feeling the warmth of the sun during the day.  It just feels so nice when i go out for my walk with Charlie. I love seeing all the pretty flowers coming alive now. So many colors to see now.

flower yellow flowers on tree purple leaves on tree

The Weather

The weather has been very cold and windy in the mountains. The wind gust have been horrible up to 30 and 35 mph the past couple of weeks. I love snow but i am looking forward to Spring coming soon. Some warm days of sun. Where i don’t have to bundle up like an Eskimo. Mine is Spring and Autumn. I like spring cause it is warm and you can wear shorts and flip flops and go swimming. But, i absolutely love Autumn with changing of color of leaves. The leaves falling not too cold and not too hot. Perfect weather for me. I am curious as to what people’s favorite season is.  Please comment with your favorite season and why you like it.

Fun Facts

The best-value consumer purchase in terms of the price and usage is an electric kettle.