Sick Over Weekend

My sweet hubby got very sick last Thursday. He was out of work on Friday for being so sick he woke up with a fever. He was so pitiful looking but i took very good care of him this weekend. He is doing better but has a slight cough and he looks a lot better. Back to work today he went. I am just glad he feels so much better. ¬†You hate it when someone you love just so sick […]

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Tired and Crafts

It has been one long, slow and tried week so far. Most weeks go by fast but this week sure is taking its sweet time about it. Looking forward to the weekend. Maybe work on some of my woodworking crafts this weekend. Having fun right now i am working on a wooden knife and spatula. Hoping it turns out good but getting some practice in is a good thing. Hoping to be able to sell some wood crafts evidently.

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Tired and Sleepy!!!!!

For some reason today i am feeling so drained. I have been really tired and sleepy and coffee is not even helping. I guess maybe i should take a nap maybe that will make me feel better. It must be the ever changing weather here in Asheville. It will be cold and windy one minute then nice and sunny warm the next. Hope everyone has a great warm and breezy day.

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