Potato Onion Bin

potato bin onion drawer

Potato bin’s are a must have in any country home 🙂 Potato bin’s allow air to flow around the potatoes while keeping them in the dark. Being in the dark helps to prevent the eyes from sprouting. While the airflow aids in keeping the potatoes dry. Which protects them to some degree from rotting. Therefore your potato’s keep longer.  Ideally the bin should be in a cool dry part of the home like a walk in pantry or basement. So, […]

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A Good Weekend!!

I had a good time this weekend with my hubby. We are in the process of making a workbench for making our wood crafts. We are going to make some windows, doors and cabinets for our home we are going to build. It is definitely going to be hard work but it is worth it in the end. Having a home that we made from the ground up will be awesome.  I will post videos and pics as we are […]

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Tired and Crafts

It has been one long, slow and tried week so far. Most weeks go by fast but this week sure is taking its sweet time about it. Looking forward to the weekend. Maybe work on some of my woodworking crafts this weekend. Having fun right now i am working on a wooden knife and spatula. Hoping it turns out good but getting some practice in is a good thing. Hoping to be able to sell some wood crafts evidently.

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