Which of the four seasons do you like and why?

Which of the four seasons do you like and why? There are four seasons to choose. Please pick your favorite season. Tell me why you like it and what you like to do in that season.


I like the spring and fall. The spring brings pretty flowers and warmer weather. The blooms smell so good. You have Easter and Mother’s Day. Kids absolutely like Easter. That means candy and fun for them.You have pretty smells from lilacs, irises, lilies, tulips, daffodils, and dandelions.  You have mild temps so you are not to hot or too cold.

There is longer daylight hours which is a good thing. Especially, for people that work so they can still do things after work outside. You can go out and still enjoy the nice relaxing day with your family. You can hear the birds singing in the distance. I just love sitting in the backyard and watching the birds flying around.


I also like the fall because of the leaves turning colors. It is so pretty to see the different colors they turn: reds, yellows, greens and so on as they fall of the trees. You can sit around the bonfire with family and friends drinking hot cider.

Of course making pumpkin and apple pies is the best in the fall. You can go camping with family and friends to see the the leaves changing colors and falling off the branches. oh and the best thing ever carving pumpkins with the family or friends. It is cool to see what face everyone creates for their pumpkin.